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Save This Old House ~ c.1800 NC Farmhouse For Sale $35K ~ Needs Complete Restoration ~ Under Contract

6868 US Highway 17, Williamston NC 27892         $35,000 Under Contract 

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Save this old house. The Smithwick-Green-Clark House is one of only a handful of early nineteenth century farmhouses still standing in Martin County. Built around 1800, the house was built for John Smithwick (1763-1842).

Family History

John was the son of Peter Smithwick and Margaret Murphy Smithwick who immigrated from Lazybush, County Kilkenny, Ireland, and purchased 440 acres in a neighboring county.


John went out on his own and built this Georgian-Federal home. He lived here with his wife, Catherine Butler Smithwick, and their eight children. We can assume that the original property had much more acreage than the 0.81 acres it has now.

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*1,920 sq ft
*0.812 acre
*Build Date 1800
*Google Map
*Property Listing
*Realtor: Preservation North Carolina

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Save this old house. The Smithwick-Green-Clark House is one of a few surviving early nineteenth century farmhouses in Martin County.  Constructed around 1800 for John Smithwick, it retains much of its original transitional Georgian-Federal character although it has undergone two periods of change.

First Changes

The first changes occurred in the mid-nineteenth century when the original detached kitchen was moved and a new kitchen ell constructed on the south side of the house.

Second Phase

However, it was the changes made during second remodeling or Colonial Revival phase, made around 1914 by owner John Mack Green, which changed the structure most. A generous wrap-around porch with Tuscan columns replaced the original front porch; doors with sophisticated elliptical panes and single-pane transom replaced the original doors; large one-over-one sash windows were installed on the facade; and a third (final) kitchen ell was constructed on the rear of the house.

Many of the original elements that were replaced, but not all removed, such as the nine-over-nine sash windows, can be found in the 1914 addition.

Earliest Portion of House

The earliest portion of the house retains much of its original Georgian-Federal woodwork including eight-raised-panel doors, an original thumb latch and H-and-L hinges, four original mantels, flat-panel wainscot accented with ovolo-molded chair rails and two-part beaded baseboards, an enclosed winder stairway, and most of the door surrounds and flooring.  The house features a large wrap-around porch and a smaller screened-in porch.


In addition to an old well on the site, there is now public water to the property going to the shed behind the house.  Several of the older six-over-six and nine-over-nine windows on the back of the house have been repaired.  Some removal of outdated cabinetry and appliances has occurred in the kitchen, and painting was begun to the older section of the house.  The house still requires a complete rehabilitation, including updated electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

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  • Todd H

    This is an interesting residence & with an investment, you’d easily get your return & then some.. still has nice touches w/fireplaces & outbuildings.. cotton field in bloom is stunning for a person from the North, such as myself

  • troy tucker

    hell i can live in this while working on it… beauitful house… who holds note or title? city? personal? ill move there to fix im only in michigan.. hate the show.

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