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Save This Old House – c.1900 Fixer Upper in Brazil IN $25K ~ Off Market

3 W Kruzan St, Brazil, IN, 47834   $25,000 ~ Off Market 


Save this old house. I believe there’s a Queen Anne under there somewhere. It is hard to make heads or tails of the exterior with all the alterations. The domed tower gave it away, though. Such roofs were far less common than conical roof towers. I don’t know about this one. The built-in is gorgeous, but …..


Apparently, the house was inhabited until recently until the leaks got too bad. It reminds me of a woman from our hometown, a lovely lady but she had an addiction to antiques. She was about 50 and the postmaster of our small local post office. We sold and delivered some old church pews to her home, and she took us for a tour of her house. Due to her obsession with buying antiques, her phone and heat had been turned off. The exterior was overgrown with bushes and vines, the roof was leaking, and green mold was growing on her windows. Her antique obsession really got the best of her a year later when she began living in a 5th Wheel parked in her front yard.


Per Wikipedia: In the 1840s, the owners of the farm which would later originate the city of Brazil decided to name their farm after the country of Brazil, because that country was often the subject of news at the time. The city was founded in 1866 under the name of that farm.

In 2010, Brazil gained national attention for having accepted money from Kentucky Fried Chicken for the rights to display the KFC and Fiery Grilled Wings logos on city fire hydrants.


Save this old house. Looking for a house to flip or willing to put a lot of sweat equity into a home? This is a large home with 6 bedrooms & 3 possible full baths that requires extensive renovation. Large tarp on roof, leaking in several places. Cash offers only, home is being sold As-Is.


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