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Save This Old House ~ c.1912 Alabama Fixer Upper Under $43K ~ Off Market

138 Montgomery St, Troy, AL 36081        $42,900 Off Market

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Save this old house. Upon the first viewing photos of this fixer upper, it intrigued me. There were no photos of the exterior (I have included pics from Google Maps), but the bathrooms boast fireplaces! I also saw a sign out front on the lawn. The same sign from a Troy, Alabama, home featured earlier this week. Apparently, a Troy company has been buying up old houses in the area with plans of breaking them up into rentals. Fortunately, their plans dissolved, and the homes are on the market.

This c.1912 fixer upper was once a real beauty! After a bit of research, I discovered it was formerly the Rhodes Funeral Home. Hansford Leroy Rhodes (1894-1937) ran the business in the 1930s. He resided there with his wife Helen, young daughter Helen and adolescent stepson Pinkney, known as Pink.

Helen did not have much luck with husbands. Leroy died in 1937 at age 43 after only 13 years of marriage. She was previously married to an insurance salesman, Max Folmar, who died at age 28 after only five years of marriage. I guess she gave up after that, because she was a widow until her death in 1964 at age 68.

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Save this old house. Fixer upper will most likely need central heating and air updated. There are no appliances.


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