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Save This Old House ~Tennessee Fixer Upper $24K ~ Haunted House? ~ Off Market

717 5th St, Bristol, TN 37620       $24,000 Off Market



Save this old house.  This old house has so many original elements that cry out to be saved. Despite having been slathered with white paint, the staircase is beautiful, as are the paneling and fretwork.
As you can see, the house needs loads of work, but stained glass, hardwood floors, fireplace mantels and original lighting fixtures themselves are worth a tidy portion of the $24K price of the house.
Since first publishing this post, a reader has provided me with much more information. She lives on the same block, a couple of doors down, and tells me that the house was occupied until two years ago, when foreclosure proceedings began.
According to Kerri, “All the houses on my block were built on top of an old plantation graveyard. When the city bought the land, they dug up the bodies and buried them elsewhere.”
She claims her house is haunted, so she was compelled to do some research.
Kerri continues. “In late 1890’s the city bought a plantation from Mr. King in order to expand the downtown area. My house and the others on the block, where the backside of the plantation and the slave graveyard was, was dug up and the city sold the plots to build houses. I have seen shadow people; things go missing and and reappear when you ask the spirits to give them back; something calls out your name from time to time; we hear footsteps; and so on. My oldest child, now 24, will not stay in house alone. Neighbors say they have seen “dark figures” in my backyard. The list goes on and on. I was not a believe until I bought the house. We have had a few paranormal investigators come out, they have caught things on camera.”
OHU50K was happy to hear that most of the houses on this street are being restored to their once beautiful grand state.
Another reader, Moni, sent this related article, that you might find of interest.
My first house, a c.1916 home in Bayshore, New York, was built in the same way as Kerri’s. The church around the corner had a graveyard in the late 1880s. The city dug up the graves to sell lots on two parallel streets. I never had any hauntings, however.

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Save this old house. BACK ON THE MARKET! Previous Buyer unable to obtain funds to close! Looking for a project? This is it! With over 1,700 square feet of potential living space, this could be a profitable project to restore this home back to it’s original 1920’s glory. There’s too much history and character in this house to let it go to waste. Take a look at this one to see what it has to offer.
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