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Save This Old Kentucky c.1908 Fixer Upper Under $40K – Pending

OHU50K Notes.

$50,000 Reduced to $39,900 Pending 

The realtor’s description states that this is a Sears Kit house. It looks nothing like the Sears ad included with the listing, I could find no house in the Sears catalog that resembled the home, and expert on the subject, Judith Chabot (Sears House Seeker), contacted me that indeed it is not a Sears house. In any event it was built in 1908 for the postmaster of Centertown.


Realtor Comments

If you love restoring historical homes, this one is for you! This home was a Sears mail order home that was shipped down the Green River in 1908 for the Centertown Post Master.


 The home has new roof, new windows, new vinyl siding, and new plumbing, including a farmhouse tub in the master bedroom. The downstairs is set up as an open living room/dining room/kitchen concept. One of the original brick fireplaces was also saved and set up for gas logs. 85% of the original trim is still on the home as well. This includes the empty lot behind it at 0 5th St, Centertown as well.

  • 2bed
  • 2bath
  • 1,670sqft
  • 0.3acre lot
  • Build date 1908




405 5th St, Centertown, KY 42328.    $50,000 Reduced to $39,900


c.1919 Google Map View – before inappropriate windows were installed
Property featured at 405 5th St, Centertown, KY 42328


This Sears Kit No.115 is located in Glasford, Illinois. It looks more like the original design than our featured home. The Glasford home, however, is not for sale.


Sears kit homes

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  • Judith Chabot

    Just an FYI: This home in Kentucky is mistakenly labeled as a Sears house. There is no model in the Sears Modern Homes catalogs that matches the window and door distribution of this house, nor that has the closed-pediment gable that this one has. I realize that work has been done on this house, but, even without that, we can see that it has a different design at its base, than any models that Sears offered. This kind of mistake is not uncommon in real estate listings. Sometimes, the issue is that the house was a kit from another company. Sometimes, the issue is that some building supplies were originally bought from Sears… but, if the blueprints and complete set of building supplies for the house were not from Sears, it is not a Sears house.

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