Sicily townhouse for sale

Sicily Townhouse For Sale Under $41K USD – 30 Min. to Coast


Via Ferrara 2, Novara di Sicilia, Messina, Sicily.    $40,610 USD.          33, 500 Euros



In the 1960s it was Tuscany, but now Sicily is gaining popularity with foreign house hunters. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean with 920 miles of amazing coastline. Our featured home is just 30 minutes from the coast in Novara, a town on the northeastern tip of Sicily.

Side bar: My grandfather came to America as a young boy in the late 1890s from Sciacca, Sicily, a coastal town way on the other side of the island from Novara. He came over by ship to Ellis Island with his pregnant mother, Caterina, and four brothers. Because his father did not travel with them, as with many women back then who did not travel with their spouses, the family was detained. Officials were afraid that without the husband, these families would become dependent on the state. While awaiting her husband’s delayed arrival, Caterina had complications with her pregnancy and was taken from the Barge Office where she was detained to Long Island Hospital. She died there at the age of 35, having only been on American soil for two weeks. Her story is included in the footnotes of the book The Qualities of a Citizen: Women, Immigration and Citizenship, 1870-1965 by Martha Gardner. Visiting Sicily is at the top of my bucket list.


*1 bath
*1,453 sq ft
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Sicily Townhouse For Sale Under $41K USD



– 3 entrances, possible to divide
– Small terrace in front of the property
– Interesting floor plan
– Possible to recreate the medieval feel

In front of the main entrance is a little verandah, possible to cover and make good use of. The property is in need of renovation.

On the first floor, there is a kitchen where you also have a separate entrance, a corridor with a funny little room plus a toilet without a shower.

Upstairs a room where it is also predisposed to putting a kitchen with a balcony. In addition an attic with a low ceiling.

With a separate entrance from another street, there is another room, today not internally connected to the rest of the property.

In total the property is around 135 sqm large, and it has a nice location in the old town.

For more information about this property, the process of buying a property in Sicily or about Sicily in general, you are most welcome to contact Marie Wester by email or phone: +39 328 444 8589.




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