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Sold – c.1790s Historic Log Cabin For Sale in Danville KY Under $43K

200 E Walnut St, Danville, KY, 40422.    $42,500  Sold for $20,000

c.1790s Historic Log Cabin For Sale in Danville KY Under $43K


It has taken 35 years of work, but the Boyle Landmark Trust has recently succeeded in placing this c.1780 log home on the National Register of Historic Places! At first glance on Google Maps it looks like the log house is attached to the brick home next door. Look closely, and you see will that it actually is in extremely close proximity.


Contrary to the historical marker, the formal name of the structure is the Thomas Barbee House. Although known locally as the Willis Russell House, James Hunn, a Boyle Landmark Trust member, explained that new research indicates that the log house may have actually been built by Thomas Barbee in the 1790s, with Willis Russell never owning it. It appears now that Russell did not teach at this particular building. Instead, research shows that Thomas Barbee likely built the house after he purchased the land from John Crow, who originally sold the tract of land on which Danville sits. BLT says that, whoever purchases the historic log house, “will have the responsibility and freedom to build it out to suit the next use.”


According to an article at amnews.com,

The house “exhibits well-preserved architectural elements that are indicative of the secondary log construction that was once the most common construction style used to build permanent residences in the grown settlements in Central Kentucky as the end of the 18th century, according to the release. “The use of unpeeled, old growth white oak logs and the distinctive V-notched corners reveal to modern viewers the techniques and architectural styles that were used for similar two-story log houses across the region.”


c.1790s Historic Log Cabin For Sale in Danville KY Under $43K

This property is owned by the Boyle Landmark & Trust Inc. and is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. It is a 2 story single pen log home dating to the 1970s. Constructed around the time Danville served as the first capital of Kentucky. Often referred to as the Willis Russell Memorial House.


  • Wendi Maxfield

    Have lived in the area for 16 yrs, I have loved, and worked in Danville for most of my time here. Preserving history and especially preserving old buildings are a passion of mine. Would absolutely love an opportunity to see this jewel in the rough. I would want to restore it to the best of its ability, with originality of any and everything that I could acquire. I would want it to be available for all of Danville to enjoy.

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