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Sold – c.1922 Fixer Upper Brick Bungalow with River View in Streator, IL Under $50K

309 Lasalle St, Streator, IL 61364         $49,900 Sold on Aug. 3, 2021 for $35,000

c.1922 Fixer Upper Brick Bungalow in Streator, IL Under $50K



This was the home of the widow Amelia Ryon (1864-1943). She lived here with her two spinster daughters, Anne and Caroline, and a maid. None of the Ryons worked outside the home. After Amelia’s death in 1943, the house was passed down to her oldest daughter, Anne, who passed away in the home in 1970. The 1959 newspaper article below describes how the house was decorated for a Callere Club Yule Tea.
In the 1970s, the Weber family owned the home. Per newspaper clippings, the teenage son had several vehicular tickets and accidents. In the 1980s, Majorie Hall lived in the house, and coincidentally, like Anne Ryon, she too held Callere Club gatherings at the house. I what the Ryon women and the maid, who meticulously kept the home, would think of its current condition.





Love unique character? If so, you will fall in love with this adorable storybook style fixer upper. Nestled on top of a bluff, on the corner of 2 dead end streets overlooking the Vermillion River.


Even though this home needs work it feels like something out of fairy tale with its super cute quirky style. It’s rare to find this kind of rolled eaves roof. The roof is accented with details reminiscent of Scandinavian or Nordic style architecture. Look close at the side of the brick details and you can get just a glimpse of the stamp showing the home is made with real Streator brick. There is just too much to list. Don’t miss the custom turn of the century fold in wooden windows ( some with little tiny windows inside the larger window).


Don’t forget to look above the exterior door on the screened in porch for the little colored glass drop panel. Extra tall basement. French doors, decorative fireplace. Sunroom off the master. Feel like you are in your own little tower a few steps above the rest of the house in the 3rd bedroom. Check it out and create your own fairy tale home.

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