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Under $75K Thursday – c.1930 Fixer Upper on 1.83 Acre Lot in Malakoff, TX $75K – Save This Old House – Sold


The home is constructed of brick, concrete and steel. Famous for its elaborate architecture, gardens and hosting rooftop dances. This historic home is a fixer upper in need of restoration to return to its renowned beauty.

Per Listing


321 E Bartlett St, Malakoff, TX 75148     $75,000


Family History

The historic Bartlett House was once the showplace of Malakoff,  Originally the home of the Acme brick plant owner (which is next door to the house), Thomas A. Barlett (1876-1951), the home sadly has fallen into disrepair. Born in 1876, Mr. Bartlett moved to Malakoff in 1902, where he became a business and civic leader. As Vice President of the Citizen’s State Bank and a member of the Board of Directors, he was one of the leaders in the development of the City of Malakoff. He was also a 32nd degree Freemason owned several cotton gins, a general store and several rental properties, but sold his brick business in 1942.

Mr. Bartlett married Willie Eramus Broyles in 1897 who passed away a year before her husband. The couple had five surviving children ( 2 more died in infancy) all with names that began with the letter  “T.”

One of the Bartlett children







Property featured at 321 E Bartlett St, Malakoff, TX 75148



  • lisa nowlin

    Beautiful old place. I wonder what it would take to bring it back? Someone would need DEEP pockets for this one. Praying that person comes along. Too nice a place to bull doze.

  • Lon Mayer

    I don’t think even Chip and Joanna would touch this one. A sacred beauty gone by the wayside.

  • Sarabeth

    Pretty steeply priced for whats left of the place. Looking at 2 sizeable cracks leaves me wondering about the structural integrity of this house. Still, theres potential there for someone with plenty of time…..& money.

  • Cassandra Arntson

    I’ve looked at articles and found some information on Facebook concerning this house. I am wondering why anyone would let this home go to waste over the years? What happened to the family? Intriguing minds want to know why this home was obviously abandoned.

  • [email protected]

    From what I understand after Mr. Bartlett sold the brick plant and house, one other family lived in the house until the 1980s. Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett died in the 1950s, and their one son Therol, died in 1978. All the daughters have passed away also. All but one grandchild (who lives in Maine) is alive. There are many grandchildren still living who live in various parts of Texas, but since Therol was the only son, none of the grandkids carry the Bartlett name.

  • Jake

    The reason for the price is likely due to the land which is near Dallas and a Lake. The damage is likely due to a foundation settling and that might be correctable by a professional foundation contractor. The mold and the rot may be a bit harder but it looks like the building is primarily brick and concrete. Could be worth it in the end.

  • Sandee

    What a shame this home got to this point. It’s not even all that old, being built in 1930. But the sellers want far too much money for it, considering its condition, so I don’t know who will take this on. A shame too. It could have been really something else.

  • Faith Friedrich

    How sad, that house was once a very fine house. The chamfered ceiling must have been beautiful in it’s day. What a loss.

  • tina magee-corry

    My friend who does foundation restoration said he would never accept the job. Too far gone! Then you have mold to boot. He said and I agree sell what you can as salvage. Besides the taxes are steep for a place you can’t live in at 375 a month. Such a shame!

  • Melissa

    Property taxes were actually only $91 in 2021, the property value was assessed at $4250 (that’s not the taxes)!

  • Cara

    I love this home from the photos…but I need to see more. Im thinking the cracked concrete could be due to frozen pipes bursting ? Or ice over the years? Then I also noticed in the photo of the arched brick outside is totally off in several places…I’ve read about the mold and rot, I have to ask if there is also lead paint and asbestos ? Would need a professional hazmat company to go in and gut it all out before I could even begin renovating. I love this home. It definitely should be saved . I love the outdoors, the garden and the rooftop, look at those gorgeous steps going up to the roof. The inside seems to dark, I would open up or enlarge the windows to get the sun .Beautiful home .

  • Brownie Alvarez

    If you feel that $75k is too much and you want it make an offer. I see all of the possibilities and here in California, you couldn’t touch the land for $75k. The house is a little rough but the possibility is so awesome.

  • Pamela Nelson

    I don’t have a lot of money , but I would love to work on this place. I could go crazy in those gardens , the outside is absolutely beautiful. Would love to get my hands in there , such a gorgeous place.

  • William Fagan

    Nice would like to fix it up and live there while doing it all new electrical paint and scrape. floors resurface take down mold exc exc.

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