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Sold – Under $75K Thursday – House To Be Moved For Sale in Brownwood, TX $75K

Update: We are so happy to hear that OHU50K reader Jenny has reported that her brother has purchased this amazing home. Apparently, the house was relocated in pieces to family land and is being put back together. Hopefully, they will report back about the costs of the process. 

OHU50K NOTES.      $75,000 Sold

The house is beautiful, but it must be moved to your own land. When it was built, the area was more residential than commercial as it is today. We would love to see the home saved, but the problem is the price. $75,000 for a house, plus exorbitant moving costs make saving most unlikely.

House only. No land.




HOUSE TO BE MOVED! Do you own land? This beautiful historic home is ready for the new owner to move it to a new location where it can be a true showplace! The home features five bedrooms, three sitting areas, three fireplaces and a stunning grand staircase! The home is well designed for commercial use. BUYER is responsible for all moving costs of the property.


  • Ashanti Laszlo

    “Pay me a huge amount for it, AND pay to move it, or I’ll destroy it and have to pay for having it destroyed and hauled off!” The people who cut off their noses to spite their faces…

  • Glenda L Harnack

    Reduce the price to accommodate the price to move it. Will lose some money but better to lose a little than lose all by destroying such a beautiful home

  • John Joseph Ramos

    Moved two houses in the City of Los Angeles. However, I was able to purchase the structures for $1 each and the owner used to the costs of demolition to be applied for the permits to move them in the middle of the night. Those houses will continue anchoring neighborhoods for another 100 years.

  • Jenny

    My brother bought this house and had it moved onto our family land. They are putting the pieces back together after the move and it will soon look amazing and ready to live in!!

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