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Tiny House on 1.2 Acres in Webster Wisconsin $38K ~ Sold

7262 Alder St E, Webster, WI 54893     $38,000 Sold for $28,000



How about a tiny house on 1.2 rural acres in Webster, Wisconsin?

Lots of people are into the tiny house lifestyle these days. I enjoy watching the tiny house shows on TV and envy those who can simplify, but after my own personal experience with a quasi tiny house, it is not a lifestyle that I want to live again.

You see when we first moved from our 15-acre hobby farm in upstate New York to Cape May, New Jersey, my husband wanted to purchase a house outright, mortgage free. The only thing that we could afford then was a 750 square foot bungalow on a small lot right near the Delaware Bay.

We started with four kids under age eight in that house, but our family soon grew to six kids. Sometimes the noise level was deafening. I went around like a chicken without a head all the time keeping that place neat as a pin. There was one closet in the house, and that housed the hot water heater. And one bathroom for eight people was a nightmare.

I feel like a Grinch now, but I didn’t allow Playdoh, finger paints or Legos in the house for fear of big messes. To have them play outside most of the time, the kids had bikes, big wheels, a trampoline, sporting goods, and of course the bay beach as a playground, but very few indoor toys. That was one upside to a tiny house. All the kids are now physically fit and active adults.

Anyway, a year before the seventh kid arrived, we purchased a big American foursquare on an acre. I finally had a quiet space to read a book in peace and breathe again.



Looking for a Tiny House in the Northwoods, this is one dynamite location outside of Webster, even hooked to city sewer. Lots of room for a huge garage w/bunkhouse for more sleeping space! Bathroom remodel includes new toilet and bathroom flooring is scheduled to be completed. Great buy!!


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