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REDUCED! Under $100K Sunday – c.1827 Historic Stone House For Sale in Caledonia, NY


  • bed
  • bath
  • Build date 1827

Family History

In 1817, James R. Clark was on a trek out west when he made a pit stop at Caledonia to look for some temporary work. Little did he know that Caledonia was not a pit stop but an end stop. He was soon appointed Constable and Collector for the town. He built the stone tavern ten years later with native limestone. The building saw life as several different uses, including a post office, successive banks, an insurance agency, and a library,  for a century or more, before Frederick F. Keith made minimal alterations to restore it as a home.

HABS drawings and photos from 1936:

More History:

More History

National Register of Historic Places



3092 Main St, Caledonia, NY 14423      $79,900

Stone Colonial house for sale built in 1827, listed in the National Register of Historical places in 2007. Has housed a tavern, post office, bank and library. Utilized as a residence since the 1920s. Home needs total rehab. Agent is looking into Historical Landmark grants and will post when/if any findings. Built by Clark Keith.





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