Under $100K Sunday ~ c.1886 Handyman Special Victorian in Princeton, IL $65K Contingent

503 S Church St, Princeton, IL, 61356                    $65,000      Contingent

c.1886 Handyman Special in Princeton, IL $65K

c.1886 Handyman Special in Princeton, IL $65K

This 4-5 bedroom, 2 bath Victorian home features hardwood floors, 2 fireplaces, and stained glass windows. Wrap around porch redone in 2011, high efficiency furnace in 2018, and new roof and paint in 2019. Great location! UPDATE. New roof will be installed due to damage received from storms. It sits on a corner lot on a street with grand old homes and a beautiful church.  The 1918 Sanborn Fore Insurance Map below shows the house and outbuilding (marked with red X.)

How Princeton Got Its Name

Interesting story per Wikipedia:


“The naming of the township of Princeton was the privilege of the three trustees, Roland Moseley, John Musgrove and John P. Blake. When these men came together to act upon the subject of christening this new legal division of land, each one had a favorite name to present. It is only natural when one wanders away from the scenes of his early life that he should feel a longing for something that looks or sounds like home, so it was with the school trustees of what is now Princeton. They each presented the name of their choice, but could come to no agreement; finally it was decided that it should be settled by lottery. Each man was to write the name of his choice upon a piece of paper and place it in a hat, and a stranger, being blind-folded, should make the drawing. Mr. Musgrove, coming from New Jersey, and being loyal to his classic institution, wrote upon his slip Princeton, and as it had been agreed that the first name drawn should settle the question, there was quite a little excitement in the preparation for the deciding contest. Matters were finally arranged and the bandage placed over the eyes of the drawer, and he was led up to the hat wherein the papers had been placed and with outstretched hand he stood ready to decide the great and momentous question of christening the first born of the future Bureau county. At last the word was given, the drawing was made, while those interested stood with bated breath, awaiting the result which was soon announced by the declaration that upon the slip of paper drawn by the blind-folded man, Princeton was plainly written, and so we today have the classic name of Princeton for the legal center of Bureau county. Princeton, for many years has enjoyed the distinction of being one of the literary centers of the state. She has the proud record of organizing and putting in successful operation the first township high school in Illinois. It is surely a city of quiet and pleasant homes.”

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