affordable home

Sold – Under $100K Sunday – c.1900 Sweet Affordable Home in Mannington, WV Under $75K

408 Jefferson St, Mannington, WV 26582.    $74,900  Sold

Affordable Home


Such a sweet place to call home. It meets most of my Victorian-era wannabe urges with that stove! How come my clawfoot tubs don’t have such defined toes?!


WANNA PLAY HOUSE? Gorgeous Victorian to have fun filling with antiques. Original oak flooring and trim. 4 fireplaces! 2 etched glass original doors. Claw foot tub! Upstairs sitting room with bay windows. Screened in side porch, L-shaped back porch. Old cookstove/oven converted to gas and installed in kitchen. How fun is that! Small sitting room has laundry area and half bath on first floor. Seller conveying some antique furniture. Large rear yard with gazebo. Dreams do come true and here it is.


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