Under $100K Sunday ~ c.1911 Cottage in Cordele Georgia Historic District $64K ~ SOLD

209 E 14th Ave, Cordele, GA 31015    $64,000 Sold for $55,000



Due to the great success of the railroad, Cordele, Georgia, experienced rapid and widespread growth during the early 1890s. As it was called later, the Gillespie-Selden Historic District developed during this period, and many of its residents worked for the railroad.

The residences are primarily are one-story wood-framed buildings with uniform setbacks from the streets. Like our featured home today, most of the earlier houses were built during the late 19th/early 20th centuries and have minimal stylistic detailing.

Two architectural styles popular in the Gillespie-Selden Historic District are the Georgian Cottage and Queen Anne Cottage. Which style would you characterize our home today? Descriptions are below.

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