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Under $100K Sunday – Circa 1850 Indiana Historic Home For Sale Under $100K

OHU50K Notes    $99,900


This historic home for sale is the oldest commercial building in Colfax, Indiana, and is placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It offers a 2/2 on the main floor with a possible 1/1 and studio unit on the second floor.

201 W Midway St, Colfax, IN 46035  $99,900



Known as the Rosenberger Building, this is the oldest store building in Colfax, Indiana. It is also is the sole remaining remaining structure in the old Town of Midway, named so as it was midway between Cincinnati and Chicago. The brick structure is called the Rosenberger Building because most people remember it as a general store owned by Joseph Rosenberger who operated a huckster wagon from it peddling a variety of wares.

Rosenberger, however, was not the first owner of the property. The Blacker family originally owned the building and ran a funeral home out of it. Over the years, it has also been a furniture store, antique store and most recently a private residence.


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