cabin for sale

Under $100K Sunday – Circa 1970 New York Off-Grid Cabin For Sale on 14.9 Acres $80K – Pending

Centerline Rd, Galway, NY 12074    $80,000




  • Tina M Magee Corry

    Girl what are you talking about? Thats a 3 cot home, and honestly where else can you get a home with a bed in the kitchen Im sure theres a bathroom tucked right around the corner! Omg! I’m dying of laughter these people are crazy!!! I would offer 30k gor the land they can keep their expensive Taj Mahal!!!! Well you did your best giving the masses what tbey asked for. Thanks for the morning laugh, too bad I ended up with coffee out the nose! 😆 😆 😆

  • George Bahr

    The solitude, area and the proximity to nature beckons me, but price scares crap out of me for a place I would probably not realistically make it out to more than every couple years unless I turned into Ted kozinsky type and decided to just live off the land.
    If I had some extra cash, I could see myself living there and dragging interesting things onto the property.

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