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Under $75K Thurday – Circa 1924 Former High School For Sale on 1.76 Acres in Oklahoma Ghost Town $60K

OHU50K Notes $60,000

Former Burbank High School for sale. After the school closed due to lack of population, it was quasi-converted into living space with five bedrooms and four bathrooms.


This is a unique opportunity to own a single family residence that was once an old high school. This 17, 408 sqft property has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, and could be converted to commercial space. There is plenty of opportunity to make this property your own. The large lot size and open floor plan provide endless possibilities. With some imagination, this could be the perfect home for you.

  • 5bed
  • 4bath
  • Circa 1924



If interested in a property, please contact the realtor whose link is provided in the post below, or contact an agent of your own choosing. Independent verification of details and status is recommended.

450 McCorkle Ave, Burbank, OK 74633  $60,000


Town Background

Burbank was once a thriving town of a several thousand residents.  A railroad, major highway and brimming oil fields made the economy hum. In fact, Burbank was was home to two movie theaters, two hotels, a grocery store and rock quarry. The winning high school basketball team was a big draw, too.

By 1930 boom went to bust, however, as the oil industry dried up.  Families who relied on the oil fields for jobs, moved away, the railroad closed, and the highway re-routed.  The high school band and sports teams disbanded, businesses left, and the high school actually closed in 1968.  Today, Burbank is a virtual ghost town with just 123 residents and dwindling.







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