connected farm complex

Under $75K Thursday ~ c.1880 Maine Connected Farm Complex on 2.25 Acres $55K ~ Off Market

111 North Rd, Patten, ME, 04765       $55,000 ~ Off Market 


This quintessential Maine home is what is known as a connected farm complex. Especially prominent in New England, such structures consisted of the “big house” or family living quarters, which was connected to the “little house” which typically contained the kitchen.

Next came the “back house,” which was traditionally a carriage house. (This home does not have that section.) Then came the  livestock barn.

This style was conducive to farming in the cold, harsh winters of New England.  Many areas, however, banned connected farm complexes due to fire concerns. Such bans were lifted in the 18th century.

For those who love this type of flooring (including me), this home is linoleum rug heaven.


Very nice family home, a connected farm complex,  lived in for 3 generations. Attached garage and workshop . Lots of memories now ready for a new family to create their own memories. Over 2 acres of land , but close to town.
Lots of character in this old home . If work from home is something you can would be a great place to work, live, have a garden and enjoy life. ATV , Snowmobile trails, hunting , fishing , hiking all nearby. Baxter Park and Katahdin Woods and Water National Monument.
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