affordable home

Sold- Under $75K Thursday- C.1914 Affordable Home in Akron, OH Under $70K

881 N Howard St, Akron, OH 44310     $69,900




  • Patricia

    This is really sad! I’m so sick of grey, black and white. If you want a contemporary home then buy one
    The architecture of this house would have been amazing preserved instead. And a black garage??? Wouldn’t take it if they handed it to me. Sorry, I’m a die hard preservationist and someday all this craftsmanship will be gone. Breaks my heart

  • George Bahr

    I do find it sad when all the beautiful old woodwork gets painted over, cuz its so laborious to uncover the natural wood beneath.
    Don’t care what color the house and garage are, I can pretend it’s primer and paint over it a proper colr(s)…

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