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Under $75K Thursday – c.1918 Arizona Ghost Town Building $75K -Sold

26921 S Highway 89, Congress, AZ 85332.   $75,000Sold on June 25,2021 for $80,000

c.1918 Arizona Ghost Town  Building

OHU50K Notes

Previously a stagecoach stop, a hotel, cafe and post office, this building is actually in the ghost town of Congress, not to be confused with Congress Junction. (It does get confusing because Congress was previously known as Congress Junction, but the Congress Junction of today is a community of about 1,700 people.)
 The main building features several old hotel rooms, a large sitting room and 3 bathrooms. Walk through the courtyard and gate to a separate one-bedroom one-bathroom  guest house.


After gold was discovered at the Congress Mine in 1884, the town of Congress boomed. In the midst of this economic boom time, our featured building was constructed in 1918. Over the years, it served in many different capacities, including the post office. After the mines closed in the mid- 1930s, the town did not last long. The post office moved to Congress Junction, and Congress became a virtual ghost town.

home for sale

Congress in 1914





Great Investment Opportunity: Own a piece of History. Pony Express & Stage Coach Stop, Hotel, Cafe. The Pony Express Building has the original gold drop! A House on back of the property. Historic Mural Painted on the wall. Opportunities include Zoned for Residential R2-3 & Commercial C2-1… Property is being sold at Land Value, Buildings Convey at no value. Property also on a commercial listing.

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