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Under $75K Thursday ~ c.1920 Idaho Fixer w/Views $72K ~ Off Market

167 Buena Vista Hts, Wallace, ID, 83873       $72,000 ~ Off Market 


Even a fixer upper is hard to find nowadays in Idaho under our price constraints, so when we find one, we post it. This c.1920 bungalow needs a lot of work, but if location is your prime concern, give it a look-see. Can’t beat the privacy and sunrise views.

Wallace History

The fixer upper sits just outside the town of Wallace (pop. 784), elevation 2,730 feet above sea level. The town has quite a checkered past.  It was once the principal town of the Coeur d’Alene silver-mining district. Dotted with ghost towns now, the area formerly produced more silver than any other mining district in the US.
According to General Land Office records, the town was founded on land that was supposed to go to “Sioux half-breeds.” For decades, the GLO in Washington DC had allowed land dealers to purchase the scrip from the “mixed-bloods” for a paltry sum and then claim vast expanses of valuable public land for white use. (The terms in quotes are from the GLO scrips).
By 1900 Wallace had grown to more than 2,000 residents, however, one third of the town of Wallace was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1910.
As the city grew, so did vice. Wallace became well known for a permissive approach toward drinking, gambling and decriminalized prostitution well into the 1950s.


Bring your imagination and finish this mountain view fixer upper in the historic town of Wallace. The price is right to make it your own! Large lot in the woods with gorgeous east mountain views. Road is steep, lot is steep….sun rise views on the front porch are worth it! Sold As Is.

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OHU50K does not represent this property.


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