Tudor Revival home for sale

Under $75K Thursday – c.1928 Tudor Revival Home For Sale in Toledo OH Under $73K ~ Sold

1756 Wellesley Dr,Toledo, OH, 43606       $72,500 Sold


So many older homes, including this c.1928 Tudor Revival home for sale, made kitchens just an afterthought. This handsome brick home boasts beautiful elements, both inside and out, but the kitchen is small and ill-designed. The pluses, however, of this house, including the windows, front door, fireplace, built-ins, tiled bath and little nooks and crannies, hopefully outweigh the kitchen flaw.


Tudor Revival home for sale. First American Home Warranty $505

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  • Phyllis Kropfhauser

    Nice house; too bad it’s not in central Ohio. Why is it that I never see any houses on the site in Franklin, Fairfield, Licking, or Pickaway counties? I would desperately like to see something in central Ohio–not in Columbus though.

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