Under $75K Thursday ~ c.1955 Handyman Special on 1 Acre in George West, TX Under $52K ~ Off Market

1112 Lamar St, George West, TX, 78022                $51,700 Off Market 

c.1955 Handyman Special on 1 Acre in George West, TX Under $52K


Sweet Tudor style home on one rural acre in George West, Texas (pop 2,445). The town of George West has an interesting history.

Per Wikipedia:

George West was a land venture and ranching enterprise of George Washington West and Kittie West. Originally from Shannonville Tennessee, West began to build his town in 1913 with 75,000 acres.

West offered the San Antonio, Uvalde and Gulf Railroad $100,000 and a free easement through his land to build to George West. West had made his fortune on cattle drives but knew that the future rested with the transport of the animals on a train. He purchased some 120,000 acres in Live Oak County and held 26,000 cattle. A drought had caused such losses that he sold half of his acreage. Other ranchers tried to sell property at that time, and prices dropped to low levels.

In 1918, West offered $75,000 to build a new courthouse if the county seat was moved to George West. The courthouse actually cost $120,000 and was built to West’s specifications. He also built schools, roads, and water and electricity plants.

George West was incorporated in 1946, and the government changed to home rule in 1980.

c.1955 Handyman Special in George West, TX Under $52K

This home needs some TLC. The property has a large yard and has room for another home.Call to set up a showing

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