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Under $75K Thursday ~ c.1959 For Sale By Owner House w/Acreage and Fish Pond Under $70K ~ Off Market

4399 Peanut Rd, Cottondale, FL 32431   $69,500 ~ Off Market

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Here is a Florida for sale by owner updated ranch with 2.5 acres and fish pond for under $70K. Can’t beat that.

A few readers have been asking for homes on a couple of acres in Florida for under $50K. Unless it is a dilapidated shack, that is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Although, this home is higher priced, it seems like a great deal. Updated, in a rural spot on 2.5 acres, fish pond, clean, pleasant kitchen, stone fireplace, hardwood floors, two nice bathrooms…quite a list.

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*3 bedrooms
*2 baths
*1,263 sq ft
*2 acres
*Google Map
*Property Listing
*For Sale By Owner (208) 770-0516

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For Sale By Owner. Looking for a home in the country?. Big house for the money. Land is pretty and has several nice big trees and a fish pond too.

The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and a large kitchen and dining area. Living and bedroom have beautiful stone fireplaces (propane logs).

House has been updated with new roof; updated wiring and vinyl siding. 2.5 acres total.

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