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Under $75K Thursday – Circa 1915 Oklahoma Affordable Home Under $70K

A happy house with happy memories stored within in its walls. Talking about walls, I’m not keen on the gun metal gray, but that’s an easy fix.






Family History

Couldn’t go back too far, but in 1976, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Legg brought home a six-pound, one and one-half ounce bouncing baby girl home to this house. They named her Rebecca Mae. Such a pretty name. My oldest daughter is Rebecca True.




  • Tracey Trotter

    WHY DID YOU PERGO? Laminates RUIN an old house. Worn out wood is beautiful and cement is an option as well. Makes me so sad, this house was perfect.

  • Laura Church

    Is that… **peers closely** They didn’t… They did.

    The walls and ceilings in the majority of the rooms are all chipboard. And y’all want HOW much for it?

    If that wasn’t the case, the price is good. With how everything would have to be completely redone, it’s not worth it.

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