Sold – Under $75K Thursday – Circa 1940 Updated Home in Shreveport, LA $65K

  • 3bed
  • 1bath



136 Egan St, Shreveport, LA 71101          $65,000

Contact Juanita Lester with Cityview Realty Llc

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  • flea

    Somebody tell these guys to please stop ‘updating.’

    BTW, has anybody found a home via this blog, before I liquidate and pack?

  • Cyndy

    I enjoy this website. I’m sure many people have found homes through it. I hope to use it for just that purpose in the not-to-distant future. Thanks to the creator who obviously spends time and effort to provide such a fine resource and obviously has the patience of Job. To Bob and ND; paint can be stripped, wood can be restored and it’s possible to put in wood flooring after LVP has been installed. Seriously the house is 65K, did you expect to find a house that needs zero work in this market, at that price?

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