cabin for sale

Sold – Whimsical Oregon Cabin For Sale Under $50K

  • 2bed
  • 1bath





126 S Nelson St, Mitchell, OR 97750      $49,500

Contact Realtor: Steven P. Forster with RE/MAX Out West Realty LLC

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Town History

Per Wikipedia

Mitchell has a population of 130 residents. By the late 1890s, “Mitchell grew to include a store, assay office, two churches, two hotels, livery stable, three houses of ill-repute (one of which is still standing), five saloons, a flour mill, a livery stable, and an apothecary. There were also two newspapers: The Sentinel and The News. The business district, including the saloons, grew up along Bridge Creek and became known locally as ‘Tiger Town.’  The church and most of the city’s homes were built at higher elevation on a bench overlooking the creek; this part of town was known locally as “Piety Hill”. About half the town was destroyed by fire in 1899, but it was later rebuilt.




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