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5 Abandoned Homes Under $20K Begging To Be Restored

For many of us, abandoned houses have a mysterious and haunting beauty. Their weathered clapboards, broken shutters and peeling paint seem to beckon us to peer through their windows.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and make these abandoned places shine again. Here are five abandoned houses (and by that we mean vacated and/or confiscated by the city) that are currently on the market for under $20K.

122 Richardson Ave, Syracuse, NY 13205.    $14,000

Pretty in pink? Not really, but this Brighton neighborhood home could be be under the right hands.



Sold – 554 Nelson St, Macon, GA 31206.     $15,000 Sold on 2/8/22

This home is begging for restoration as it misquotes a Sammy Davis Junior song, “The handyman can, ’cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.”


Sold – 4841 Iroquois St, Detroit, MI 48214.    $20,000

Exterior featured at 4841 Iroquois St, Detroit, MI 48214


This stately brick home looks forward to a view of the bucolic Pingree Park across the street, at the same time looking forward for a new owner to restore the home to its former beauty.




Sold – 317 Garden St, Macon, GA 31217              $19,900


Exterior featured at 317 Garden St, Macon, GA 31217

This home was built by HM Cutter, builder and cabinet maker. The property remained in his family for 100 years and is begging for a forever family to restore it and love it for another 100 years.



Sold – 3347 N 26th St, Milwaukee, WI 53206.    $5,000

Exterior featured at 3347 N 26th St, Milwaukee, WI 53206

This c.1910 home is begging with open heart and open hands. It is open to all offers, plus it may qualify for the Milwaukee home buyer assistance grant program.





    That second Macon, GA house looks straight out of a Eurdora Welty novel. I wish the realtor site had more photos.

  • Elle

    The house in Detroit is in an up and coming neighborhood. It is JUST outside of Indian Village (a beautiful village full of well maintained mansions) and close to everything downtown. In the last 10 years Detroit has improved economically and visually into a hip and happening place. Lots of new companies and young people moving in. Tons of bars and quality restaurants, farmers markets, events galore. It is NOT the Detroit of past. Schools are still a bit iffy but there are some good ones out there. GUCCI has just announced that they are opening a store downtown!!! If you are looking for a bargain check out this property. Michigan is a beautiful state with a stunning coastline! (I am not in any way associated with this listing. I lived in the area for several years and know it well.)

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