fixer upper

c.1850s Brick Fixer Upper in Belleville, IL $20K

718 S High St, Belleville, IL, 62220.      $20,000


The realtor’s 1837 seems too early for this fixer upper. His later 1850s date seems more like it. It wasn’t until after the failure of the German Revolution of 1848, that many educated Germans fled their homeland and settled in Belleville. By 1870, about 90% of Belleville’s residents were either German-born or of German descent.

The city became a manufacturing center after the American Civil War, producing printing presses, nails, agricultural equipment, gray iron castings and stoves. In fact, Belleville became known as “The Stove Capital of the World.” This type house, called a German Street House,  was one of the first style houses in the city of Belleville which was established in 1850.

In any event, our featured home sits on a street with several German Street Houses. The dwelling offers a lovely staircase, hardwood floors and vintage steel kitchen cabinetry, popular in the 1950s. While the kitchen looks rather ratty now, those steel cabinets can be refinished and are quite pricey even in the current state.





fixer upper
fixer upper


Downtown Belleville fixer upper home ~ lots of potential in this 1850’s home ~ come take a look! This could be your next project!



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