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A Timeline of Vintage Stoves

Vintage Cookstoves

Have you ever thought about getting an antique cookstove to spice up your kitchen?

Victorian Stoves

Victorian-era stoves were made from cast iron, were very heavy, and were designed to burn wood, coal, or both. Manufacturers generally sold regionally, and from a collecting standpoint, the more ornamentation the better.



1910s to 1920s

The 1910s and 1920s saw a new design of cookstove. White and pastel porcelain were the rage. The stoves stood on legs and sometimes often had a shelf above the burners. These pieces of art ran by gas and had ovens that rarely could accommodate a medium-sized Thanksgiving turkey or even a regular-sized cookie sheet. I speak from experience. My own 1928 Quality stove is below.


1930s to 1950s

The 1930s to 1950s were the glory dates of vintage stoves.  Many brands took inspiration from Art Deco and Art Moderne design.  These gleaming, built like a battleship, exquisite cookers were shiny beacons of porcelain and chrome, with built-in clocks, lights, and colors that ranged from snow white, and pretty in pink to candy-apple red.





Probably the most well-known stove in the 1960s is the Frigidaire Flair, made famous from the TV show Bewitched. Samantha Stevens could have whipped up a dinner for Darren with a twitch of her nose, but the Flair was so much more fun. Frigidaire was owned by General Motors when the Flair was introduced in 1962.  The electric range had burners that rolled in and out like a drawer and was hidden from view when not in use. The double ovens sat right at counter height, and the doors lifted up instead of swinging out.



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    Wow, that’s a tough vote. My close second is the green number 4. I had a wonderful dinner in Costa Rica in 2018 that was cooked on a stove just like the 1910-1920s era stoves. It was a wood burning stove and the cooks said a lot of their friends and neighbors used similar stoves.

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