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Off Market – Acreage Wednesday – Circa 1958 Log Cabin in Alaska on 2.5 Acres $29K

While I’m on the subject of Alaska, have I told you I was friends with the Grizzly Man? I was engaged to his brother for six years and knew Tim Dexter and his family very well where we all lived on Long Island, New York. One summer, Tim’s brother and I took a trip to England to do genealogy work. We discovered that Treadwell was an ancestral name of the family. After Tim won a scholarship to Bradley University for diving and was subsequently kicked out, he took on the name of Timothy Treadwell, developed a Cockney accent and a whole outlandish bio for himself.


When his brother and I moved to California, Tim followed. I stayed for only a year, returning to my home state, but Tim stayed in California. That’s when I lost touch with him, but I was always glued to the set when he appeared on Letterman, Dateline, Rosie, and even Love Connection.


He dropped the Cockney accent after a while, but I was surprised when he got into the whole grizzly thing.  His family loved animals. They had cats, a one-legged duck named Quacky, and a pet squirrel named Cookie who ultimately destroyed the mom’s china setting on the dining room table. Grizzly bears, though, are a whole other level.


Tim’s and his girlfriend’s deaths were tragic, but not surprising. His “friend” Mr. Chocolate was a grizzly bear after all.



Great opportunity for dry cabin ownership on a 2.5 acre lot only 3.5 miles to UAF! Borders on Creamer’s Field Refuge! Connex, steel tank and some other miscellaneous items on the lot do not convey with the sale.


  • 1bed
  • outhouse
  • Source


515 Nature Trl, Fairbanks, AK 99709       $29,000

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Contact Realtor: JOE RUSSO with RUSSO REALTY

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  • Ruth Enero

    This listing sure made my heart beat faster! Despite being a “dry cabin” in a very private area, it is not all that remote a location. It is exactly 3 miles from the U of A Large Animal Research Station, where I have bought qiviut yarn (combed from their muskox) at the brick & mortar giftshop. Such a beautiful area, yet a 12 minute drive from the Catherdral where I attended Mass.

  • George Bahr

    Must admit, this one had me drooling. I spent 70-72 in Fairbanks, learned how to ride dirt bikes and snow mobiles.
    Twas a magical place and if I hadn’t just bought a similar priced house in kentucky a couple months ago, I think I would have lept all over it.
    Envy the one that snaps this up.
    It is very close to fairbanks, my father was stationed at Ft Wainright.

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