handyman special

c.1891 Handyman Special For Sale in Johnstown, PA Under $30K. Sold

606 Cypress Ave, Johnstown, PA 15902  $29,900.      Sold on Feb 8,2022 for $29,900

Handyman Special For Sale

The built-ins, arched doorways. staircase and hardwood floors seems to blend into oblivion amidst all the paneling, but that can always be remedied.

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  • Tina Magee

    I took a close look at that paneling, it is a keeper as it real wood not the 70s crap! Solid wood boards 1/4″ thick. Nailed, fill seams, sand, buff, stain with poly or stain then finish with a buffing of mineral wax. My dad use to do restoration and additions requiring the technic if I remember correctly it was a thing here in east coast right after the civil war. So with that I would rip out that OMG! I HATE LAMINATE flooring. 😆 Personally I would put down radient heated floors with really nice 24″×24″ tiles. That will brighten up the room! Then I can add nice rugs to match the decor!

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