fixer upper

c.1905 Fixer Upper in Cherokee, IA $20K

215 N Roosevelt Ave, Cherokee, IA 51012

c.1905 Fixer Upper in Cherokee, IA $20K


Somebody went crazy with brick. The house would have looked so much better left in its original state, but at $20K, we can’t complain too much. Can’t even buy a new car at that price. Taxes are low, crime stars are low and the property is not in a flood zone. All pluses.


This 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath home could be a nice little family home with a little TLC. The backyard on this property is quite large and would offer a lot of space for kids and pets. If you are handy and want to get a 3 bedroom home without breaking the bank this might be just what you are looking for…

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