cheap house for sale in Sweden

c.1909 Cheap House For Sale in Sweden With Water View Under $33K USD

OHU50K Notes $32,259

On a wooded hill overlooking the river Törefjärden is this unique and charming turn-of-the-century, cheap house for sale in Sweden. If you love old houses with history in the walls, ths little red cottage is something to dream about. Of course, there are both modernization and renovation needs, but here you can build on something for the future that also gives you a home that is unlike any other.
Törefors 200 Bild 1

Realtor Comments

Upon entering the house via the glass-enclosed cold hallway, you are first greeted by the large furnished hall where there is plenty of space for storing and hanging e.g. outerwear. Straight ahead from the hall you have the kitchen where there was once a real boiler, today there is a wood stove instead, here there was also a small chamber which was probably the housekeeper’s little crawl space, conveniently located near the kitchen so she could go upstairs and make a fire in the kitchen boiler in the early hours of the morning. There is a food cellar under the kitchen and under the stairs against the outer wall is a pantry that stays cool, especially in winter. What is today a toilet on the entrance floor was formerly a serving corridor where, among other things, crockery and cutlery were kept close at hand when serving in the adjacent dining room. The dining room, which stretches along the entire long side of the house, can be delimited with sliding doors. It is possible to use a part as a bedroom today.
On the upper floor there is a hall and directly to the left a bedroom with fireplace, further there are two bedrooms and a bathroom with shower and washing machine. From the larger bedroom you have access to the balcony where you are offered a wide view of the sea and Törefjärden.

*3 bedrooms
*1.5 baths
*1,291 sf
*20,311 sf
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Törefors 200 Bild 3
Törefors 200 Bild 4
Törefors 200 Bild 5


The kitchen has a dining area, stove with oven, fan and dishwasher. Fridge and freezer missing.
There is also a wood-burning stove here.

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Törefors 200 Bild 7
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Törefors 200 Bild 11
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Törefors 200 Bild 14


Bathroom, Upper Level

WC, sink, shower area and washing machine

Törefors 200 Bild 15

Toilet, Lower Level

WC and sink
Törefors 200 Bild 16
Törefors 200 Bild 17
Törefors 200 Bild 18
Törefors 200 Bild 19
Törefors 200 Bild 20
Törefors 200 Bild 21

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