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Sold – c.1947 Spartan S Converted Bus Motorhome For Sale Under $49K

c.1947 Spartan Converted Bus For Sale Under $49K  Sold


1947 Spartan S Motorhome Driver Front Exterior


Here is your chance to own a piece of history. This is one of just 12 buses manufactured in the 1940s by Spartan, and one of only 2 known to currently still be operable. The bus has been converted to a motorhome; the interior is about 20 years old. It has a Queen-size bed in the rear and a couch in the front. There is a kitchen, stove and refrigerator, and there is also a bathroom with toilet and shower. The bus is in overall good condition but will need a little work to be ready to hit the roa

Year: 1947
Make: Spartan
Model: S
Body: Spartan
Engine: 269 cu. in. International Blue Diamond 6 Cylinder Gasoline
Transmission: Fuller Silent Transmission
Vehicle Mileage: 22,655
Passengers: 3
Luggage: Rear




  • Fully Converted Interior
  • Super Rare Bus, Only 12 Of These Were Built; One Of Only Two Known To Be In Operating Condition
  • Build Like An Aircraft, Tubular Steel Body With Reinforced Aluminum


  • Sleeps 3
  • Propane Stove
  • Electric Refrigerator
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Shower
  • Queen Size Bed
  • Toilet
  • Couch
  • Some Upholstery And Woodwork Needs Repair
  • Interior Built About 20 Years Ago


  • Green, White And Gray
  • Paint In Good Condition With A Few Dings And Some Peeling Along The Windshield
  • Some Cracking On Tire Sidewalls But Almost No Treadwear
  • Tankless Water Heater In Baggage Compartment
  • Brake System Needs Overhaul Before Bus Will Be Driveable

Additional Specifications

  • Exterior Dimensions:
    • Bumper-To-Bumper: 27’6″
    • Width: 7’11”
    • Height: 8’5″
  • Interior Dimensions:
    • Behind Driver Seat To Rear: 20’3″
    • Width: 7’9″
    • Height: 6’3″
  • GVWR: 8,000 Lbs.




  • Andrew Smith

    This has absolutely nothing to do with and was NOT manufactured by the Spartan Aircraft Company. It was by a completely different company that only made busses for a few years in the 1940s. The Spartan Aircraft Company made trailers, but never made a motorhome or a bus.

  • Kristi

    This looks like a bus my grandfather built, they were made in Sturgis Michigan. There are several that were made but from what I know all were special order. Ours from our family that he built and kept has been donated to a museum , Volo auto museum in Illinois.

  • David Spooner II

    STURGIS: Spartan Coach and Manufacturing Company

    The Spartan Coach plant and employees at 713-715 N. Centerville Rd.
    During World War II, Howard R. Munshaw and Willis D. Renz worked together at Ford’s B-24 bomber plant at Willow Run. They dreamed of someday starting their own business and applying the high-strength, lightweight construction principles they had leaned producing B-24s.
    With the war and B-24 production apparently winding down, Munshaw and Renz decided to go into the bus manufacturing business. Before the war, Munshaw had owned a bus manufacturing company in Kalamazoo. Munshaw and Renz were encouraged to establish their business in Sturgis by Arthur A. (Slim) Werkhaven, a Sturgis resident they had met at Willow Run, where he was a B-24 test pilot.
    In late 1944 Munshaw and Renz inaugurated the Spartan Coach and Manufacturing Co. in a small rented building at 404 ½ E. Chicago Rd. in Sturgis. Renz’ twin brother, Wilbur, also was involved.
    On Oct. 22, 1945 Munshaw and Renz appeared at a special meeting of the Sturgis Improvement Association (SIA) and requested enough land to construct a 40×100-foot main factory plus a 20×84-ft. paint shop. Their business had grown, they explained, to the point that a building large enough to accommodate an assembly line was required to build their line of lightweight buses.
    Land at 713-715 N. Centerville Rd. was deeded by the SIA, and Spartan Coach erected a Quonset-type building there in 1946, with production soon moving to the new building from the E. Chicago site.

  • RV Guy.mass

    Not a Spartan MotorHome:
    ( spartan means basic,,,nooo frills / this is
    Greek Classic!!! ]
    RV guy.mass

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