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c.1890 Former Church For Sale in Toledo, OH Under $50K

1426 Nebraska Ave, Toledo, OH 43607  $49,900

Church For Sale


Restore this Gothic Church, the former Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church. Climb to the top of the 250-foot steeple, and see for miles! In 2017, the four-stories high church was under threat of demolition by the Diocese of Toledo before the Lucas Land Bank got control. Apparently the HVAC is from the 1940s and the electrical from the 1950s, and the church will require big bucks to get it operational again.


The land that Saint Anthony’s sits on was originally  just outside of Toledo city limits in area area called Kuhschwanz (“Cow’s tail” in German). In 1871, many Polish families began settling here, and a  40′ x 100′ frame church was built for $2,500. In was dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua in 1882. A school was staffed by the Felician Sisters of Detroit , and Father Lewandowski was the first pastor.

By 1889, the wood church was too small for the 450 families it served, but the Panic of 1893 made raising funds for a new church difficult. According to

Father Felix S, Motulewski from Suwalki, Poland faced an unfinished church and a $25,000 debt. He borrowed money from banks and from his parishioners. The new Gothic-style church with artistically carved altars had a 250-foot steeple, which could be seen from almost anywhere in the neighborhood. The brick church was 92 feet wide and 150 feet in length. Ten pillars supported the 120-foot high roof. The church seated 1,600 people, and cost $95,000. Father M. Zoeller, S.J. of St. Mary’s Church said the first Mass on March 4, 1894, and Bishop Ignatius Horstman of Cleveland blessed the new church on July 15, 1894.

The church permanently closed in 2005.


Build date.  1890

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Contact Realtor: ZACK LIBER (419) 367 4331 or (419) 249 6325 [email protected]








  • L Douglas

    I think the point of “operational” would be up for debate. Operational for what? It would all depend on the intended use. I would think the amount could be far less. Or far more.

  • GenieHoster

    Operational is in the eye of the beholder…In Columbus OH, a book dealer redesigned an old church into a bookstore…that idea might work with this property, bookshelves can be made in any size and don’t take much $$ to make! I think that if the building is saved, the city would be more than happy!

  • tina magee-corry

    Realtor says basic amount to make liveable would near bare minimum of a new boiler. About 15k for a property this size. You will also need to install a tub or showers in bathrooms. So thats another 3k. A kitchen could be installed for what 10k. The realtor said the article in the paper is 3 million but that was to convert into apts. Not bad if you want a huge home with amazing ceilings!

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