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Circa 1880 Abandoned House For Sale in Syracuse, NY $2K

OHU50K NOTES $5,000 Reduced to $2,000

Located in the Brighton neighborhood of Syracuse, this abandoned house was once the belle of the ball. Back in the day, the neighborhood housed a mix of blue collar workers and professionals. The 1880 Queen Anne has a prime spot on Midland Avenue opposite the beautiful former First Methodist Episcopal Church built in 1927 (now the Greater Love in Christ Church). It has been taken under the wings of the Syracuse Land Bank which is selling it for $5,000, with conditions.

Southside two-family abandoned house with NEW ROOF!! Very unique and interesting home with three bedrooms in each unit. This home will only be available for owner-occupants or to be renovated and resold to owner-occupants until July 5, 2022. Property has driveway and nice backyard space. Buyer may also convert to a large single-family home if desired.

 Per Realtor

  • 6bed
  • 2bath
  • Circa 1880


If interested in a property, please contact the realtor whose link is provided in the post below, or contact an agent of your own choosing. Independent verification of details and status is recommended.

2027 Midland Ave, Syracuse, NY 13205         $5,000 Reduced to $2,000

Contact Realtor: Greater Syracuse Land Bank with Greater Syracuse Land Bank

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Of course, there is a catch or two with this home. One is the neighborhood. Two is the condition. Then a three, four and five.

The Syracuse Land Bank puts the estimated renovation cost at approximately $143k, and the buyer must show proof of funds in the amount of $148k. This property is in their Home ownership choice program and must be owner occupied or renovated and sold to an owner occupant. Property needs work and being sold as-is without warranty or representations. Property Purchase Application, Contract to Purchase are available on our website. Completed offers should be submitted no later than the first Tuesday of each month for consideration at the Board of Directors Meeting, normally scheduled on the third Tuesday of each month. Please confirm dates and times. Renovation costs can exceed 145K. Proof of funds needed for combined purchase and renovation costs.




  • chris

    sad thing is about the only thing that house is good for is wood and material salvage or fire dept. training and with that what looks to be an apt. to the left why wast your time as there would be to much noise and drama going on all the time.

  • Sandee

    There isn’t a window in the place, the floors are rotten, and it’s full of black mold. Sometimes these community foundations have to know when to say when. Shame on them for trying to sell this, and expect someone to pay no less than $143K on rehabbing it, rather than paying themselves to tear it down.

  • Sally McMurray

    Such a beautiful house laid to waste because people were too lazy to at least maintain it. Sad!

  • Madeline

    Looks like a bad neighborhood- someone took all the copper wire out of it. How is the owner to occupy it if it’s a duplex?

  • Bonnie

    What a beautiful house. I see the beauty. I see plenty of good wood floors to refinish and good bones. Look at that architecture. Think of the history. Talk to Nicole Curtis and she’ll show you how it’s done to restore it to its former glory.

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