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Circa 1895 South Dakota Fixer Upper Home and Shop $39K


OHU50K Notes     $39,000


This 1895 fixer upper property has potential but may take years to bring the beauty of it back to life again. Right now it is full of the seller’s personal items but he said it will be moved as soon as an accepted offer has been signed and give him some time to move it all out. The little shops in the back of the property also serve as storage buildings and have concrete flooring.


Realtor Comments

Square footage and price are awesome but this listing really needs a whole new makeover from top to bottom. There are no interior photos due to the personal items stored and it is too cluttered to really tell what exactly the rooms are. The measurements are not exact due to this, just a rough estimate. Please look at the director of equalization sketch to get a better picture of the layout of the property. Call Patty Schultz at 605 891 3829 to make arrangements to view this listing.

  • 3bed
  • 1bath


If interested in a property, please contact the realtor whose link is provided the post, or contact an agent of your own choosing. Independent verification of details and status is recommended.

502 6th Ave, Edgemont, SD 57735.   $39,000

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Contact Realtor: Patty Schultz with Heartland Real Estate

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  • Thomas Hackman

    Is it at all possible to get pictures of the inside. I know you said because of personal items but I live in Pa and that’s a far flight to look at something thatight be real bad. I’m sorry about asking but I also hope you and the owner understand it’s hard to sell a house/property if you can’t see it. Even if I come out I prob still could not see it all because of the stuff being in the way.

  • Ruth Enero

    When I looked this property up on Google maps, the name “Bill Chamberlain” is written across the satelite version. Following the info, this is listed as a funeral home “which has been in business 10 or more years”. I am not opposed to renovating a funeral home…. But I certainly agree: ask the REALTOR for interior pics. [I myself plan to ask!] We have seen all kinds of not-well-staged interiors on this Old Houses site. Surely we will be OK with seeing whatever “personal items” the owner has.

  • Ruth Enero

    Also, if you “walk around” to the neighboring house behind this on “street view”, there are several deer grazing in the neighbor’s front yard! I am not talking about lawn ornaments…LIVE DEER!

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