church for sale

Circa 1900 Church For Sale in Greenland, MI $55K

611 Plank Rd, Greenland, MI 49929.  $55,000



  • chris

    it would be nice to take an old church i have a living area up stairs and in the basement have a shop along with a small bore shooting range and the bell tower would make a nice spot to open up and set with a few good friends and have a drink or two and the main floor could be rented out small shows with the privet areas staying privet at all cost bad thing would happen to trespassers

  • Levi

    Umm ..the thing that could be concerning, would be the cost to keep warm. Even ifnyou part out the square footage and make into rooms. Ceiling are beautiful, but high…would be costly to keep warm gets pretty cold up there

  • Joy Wright

    The Lord gives to us exceedingly, abundantly, more than we could ever ask, think or imagine.
    The stained glass windows are so beautiful! Especially with the light shining through.
    They open up the mind to stories in the bible and make them come alive.
    I could just imagine making this my family home and serving the Lord here.

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