fixer upper

Circa 1907 Fixer Upper Foreclosure in Braddock, PA $3K

Spacious four bedroom fixer upper home with a two car integral garage. Minutes to I-376. Listing

  • 4bed
  • 1.5bath


1013 4th St, Braddock, PA 15104.    $3,000

If interested in a property, please contact the realtor whose link is provided in red below, or contact an agent of your own choosing.

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  • Cindy Collins

    Pull the vines off and you’ll probably have half of the exterior taken care of. Too bad you can’t pull the drugs out of the area. So very sad.

  • Eric

    I did contact the realtor and they just didn’t have a lot of info on the property. They had no idea the last time it was lived in, said it needed everything and there were about $20,000 in taxes ect. and no idea when the pictures were taken and there are apparently several offers which makes no sense because it’s not for sale, it’s up for auction. I contacted the electric and water company and the house last had service in 2013. All services to the house have been cut so there will have to be permits and inspections to get those going again. So it’s apparently going up for auction on the 6th of July but I can find absolutely no notice anywhere online stating such. I don’t know why Deutsche Bank hung onto this property for almost 10 years because even fixed it has little value and it’s not exactly in a really desirable area, I would have thought they would have wholesaled this one a long time ago. It’s an interesting house. If the house is really in the condition as shown in the pictures as long as there were water/sewer and power it’s livable. I did register to bid so I have the sale list and it’s not on there.

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