Craftsman bungalow

Circa 1917 Oklahoma Craftsman Bungalow $45K

OHU50K Notes     $45,000

Kudos to the McDaniel family who owned this Craftsman bungalow, and those who came after, for not painting the woodwork. Love the wrap-around porch, fireplace with flanking bookcases and colonnade room dividers. Ten to one there are hardwoods under the carpets.


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1917 W Oklahoma Ave, Enid, OK 73703 $45,000



Family History

In the 1940s and 1950s, the McDaniel family owned this home.  Charles (aka Clark) McDaniel was manager of the Fidelity Motors gas station in town, working 60 hours a week, 52 weeks out of the year for $780 in 1949. His wife, Loretta, worked 40 hours a week grading eggs. The couple had three children, Pegg, Murrell and Patty.



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  • Eris

    i can die happy now. Seeing an address number the same as the year the home was built.

    side note: this was sparked from seeing another home the other day on here were the address was like 1904 or something and the date of the home was 1910… i could have the two numbers switched though…

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