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Circa 1919 Lovely Affordable Home in Decatur, IL $55K


OHU50K Notes      $55,000

You know this affordable home was well-built with quality materials when a state senator and mayor once called this place home.


1337 W Macon St, Decatur, IL 62522  $55,000


This was the home of Charles Edward Lee (1896-1985) in the 1940s. Charles married Mary Barrows in 1920 and together they had two sons, David and John, who all lived in this home.


Charles was an attorney, and at the time he lived in this home, he was mayor of Decatur (1936-1943). Previously, he served as a state senator. He was very active in fraternal, church and community organizations, perhaps to take his mind off two wives and two sons who predeceased him.




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