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Circa 1924 Fixer Upper Foursquare in Pine Bluff, AR Under $28K

OHU50K Notes.   $27,500

I love this fixer upper foursquare. The woodwork, original windows, window seat, fireplace, pocket doors, unique staircase, and those vintage lighting fixtures are calling my name. Sadly, Pine Bluff has fallen into decline and crime stats are high.



  • Lisa Nichols Nowlin

    I was surprised to see this house listed for this price. I have lived in Pine Bluff for 40 years, and the number of beautiful old homes are something. When I was young, I would drive all over town, looking at these beautiful old places, and dream that when I got a little older, and had money, I was going to buy one of them. Sadly, age and my health, plus the state of the city will never allow that to happen. But Pine Bluff is trying to overcome its bad rap and fight crime. This will make someone a wonderful home in a pretty neighborhood.

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