Circa 1955 Lustron Home For Sale in Humeston, IA $45K – Sold

This is a home has a ton of potential! An original Lustron Home built of all metal and originally designed to completely disassemble, but exceptionally well made. This one has 2 nice sized bedrooms with tons of storage, 1 bath, an open family room/dining room, kitchen with utility room area. The garage is attached through an enclosed porch. It has a new hot water heater and garbage disposal. With a little TLC this could be a really nice home! Per Realtor 

208 S Eaton Ave, Humeston, IA 50123.   $38,500

Contact Realtor: Leigh Ann Coffey with Coffey Realty, Llc

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The master bedroom had a built-in dressing table with drawers and mirror, which is still intact in this home.


Compare the home’s kitchen with the photo below, and you can see while the original bottom cupboards are still intact, the top cabinets have been changed.











  • Georg

    Incredible!!! We have many of them around the NY state capital area. Here just add a zero to that price.

  • Sandee

    These are rare and highly sought out. $39K are you kidding? Like the above guy said, they usually go for a lot more. We had one recently around here that went for about $100K over this. Someone will snap this up fast.

  • Lisa Goin

    How refreshing! A description of a really historic property by a realtor who featured the property for its intrinsic value, not as a small house!

  • Cheryl

    To,to,cheap. From mid to small Kansas town.sold a smaller one last dec. for 55,000. No amenities like this one. Only your bathroom looks looks rough but way more space
    Kitchen has way more cabinets and are closed in ,my bottom was closed in only two doors small on top and had a curtain for covering ,with the laundry room in the small kitchen. And also hot water heater. Mine still had the squeaky metal doors all around but well maintained. None of the shelving yours has mine wasn’t on the market hardly any time.

  • Faith Friedrich

    I am glad I looked at this listing. I never saw
    Ceramiced steel tiles for interior walls and exterior siding. I have heard of a Lustron home, now I have finally saw one in a photo.
    A very nice house.

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