handyman special

Early 1900s Handyman Special in Parsons, KS Under $19K

  1316 Chess Ave, Parsons, KS 67357                                             $18,900


c.1915 Handyman Special in Parsons, KS Under $19K


The realtor’s 1915 build date is incorrect because I found a newspaper article which showed that William Grosshaus lived at the residence in 1909. He had signed a petition to the mayor to change Parsons’ form of government. Mr. Grosshaus was born in Parsons in 1883 and began work as a machinist for a railroad shop in 1901. He retired in 1952. Mr. Grosshaus lived in the home with his wife Myrtle and children Melvin and Margaret. The couple lived here for decades well into the 1940s.


Excellent project home with lots of potential. Will need a new bathroom floor. Water line under the bathroom will need repair also. Nice open rooms with some fresh paint.

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