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Favorite Architectural Styles

So many beautiful architectural styles have been popular during America’s history. But did you know that almost 80% of the homes that exist in the US today have been constructed after 1940? That is why historic preservation is ever so important. Congress enacted the National Historic Preservation Act in 1966, an act that works to save historic buildings.  It explains why historic preservation matters thus, “Preservation of this irreplaceable heritage is in the public interest so that its vital legacy of cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational, economic, and energy benefits will be maintained and enriched for future generations of Americans.”




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  • Eris

    A humble request.

    Could you offer articles on each style?
    covering their history, the first home built in that style (even if starting in europe.) and perhaps the oldest known home of the style.

    This would provide with some history. (i know there is an article here on Sears Kit Houses. and some historic homes. Yet nothing on the origin of Queen Anne, Greek Revival…

    Hell, i lived most of my life thinking Queen Anne were Victorian Style. (i like both… but prefer Queen Anne, thanks to Hocus Pocus and later shows like Pretty Little Liars.)

    When i first found this site i explored most of the articles, it took me two days. (What? i was bored. LOL)

    (i plan on moving sometime midsummer to late autumn. most shown on this site are amazing and in my budget… in other words, i use this site for seeking, as it generally fits all of my wants. (three of the four on the selections above. a home over a hundred years, a working bathroom and kitchen at the very least.)

    Anyways, i absolutely love this site… only things i dislike, but can overlooked are… no email notifications on replies… unless none of my comments had replies… and there are email notifications.

    The other thing is seeing those evil renovations killing off the original character of the house… T.T it’s so sad seeing a dead home. (it’s overlooked too… except the one time i commented snarkly… (omits the hgtv rant that would have held some misinformed information and some elaborate side rant on why the hell houses cost an arm and… o my i nearly started a variation to the rant,)

    Anyways, i love you all for this site. Thank you for sharing several amazing homes.
    Eris Capeditiea

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