The Cloud House

Fun Friday – The Cloud House of France

We need some entertainment after seeing tons of dropped ceilings and peeling laminate floors, so Old Houses Under Under $50k introduced Fun Friday a while back. It is a collection of weird structures, NOT for sale, simply of interest.  Today we feature The Cloud House of France.


The comfort of sleeping on (or rather in) a cloud could have been ours if  only we knew sooner. The collective Bruit du frigo in partnership with the city of Lormont in Aquitaine, France, was offering visitors to the Ermitage Sainte Catherine park the unique adventure of sleeping in the middle of nature in a cloud. The cumulus cottage, on the west shore of a lake, was constructed by Zebra3 of wood and plexiglass and surrounded by nature.

The Cloud was actually made as an art piece, created as a refuge from city life with an open living concept and built-in beds. We missed it, but visitors (up to seven at a time) were able to make reservations during the summer months to sleep for free in the tiny cloud and become a part of the art piece. No bathroom and no kitchen, but visitors were free to cook and bathe outside.





Photos courtesy of Flodeau.

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