vintage MCM bathroom

Would You Keep This Vintage MCM Bathroom?


Bathroom featured at 2638 Wise St, Columbus, GA 31903



    Wallpaper 1 or 4. Yes, I’d keep the tile, tub, and toilet. I’d only change my mind if research revealed that one component was not original to the house. Then I’d get rid of whatever came later. I do think the challenge is the pink and blue kind of fighting with each other. I’d try to tie them together with wallpaper. I’d also consider what to do with the white cabinetry. Wallpapers 1 and 4 have white in their designs, but the white cabinetry (vanity & sink included) has no period-appropriate detail. Maybe get a sink that does not have a vanity around it, for that naked-pipe vintage look.

  • fuzzi

    I would keep the original, but not use garish wallpaper as offered in the survey to reconcile the bright pink and blue. Maybe paint one wall pastel blue, another pastel pink, and then add a shower curtain with muted elements of both.

    I had to have my bathroom floor redone in a hurry, couldn’t get a contractor so a decent handyman was hired. The availability of flooring locally was atrocious, and I finally settled on a brown/gray faux ceramic tile vinyl pattern. My bathroom had previously been blue and green, so I retired the green (towels and shower curtain were worn, anyway) and hung a new shower curtain with a sandy beach scene including blue sky with white seagulls. It was very effective, and adding some new navy, tan, and periwinkle towels tied all the colors in together.

  • Swan

    My preference would be to keep the pink tile, but refinish/reglaze/repaint/replace the blue with white. Sink does not ring MCM to me, so I’d replace that with one that does. I’d also have to sterilize the place before ever feeling comfy using it. Wallpaper in a bathroom makes no sense to me, since steam is often used to remove it. Maybe hire a muralist or paint a design to coordinate your chosen colors? Happy hypothetical redecorating!

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