Smallest House in Great Britain

Fun Friday – The Smallest House in Great Britain – The Quay House

We need some entertainment after seeing tons of dropped ceilings and peeling laminate floors, so Old Houses Under Under $50k introduced Fun Friday a while back. It is a collection of weird old structures, usually NOT for sale, simply of interest.  Today we feature the Smallest House in Great Britain, otherwise known as the Quay House.


Hundreds of years before Tiny House Nation became a hit, a narrow, tiny house was built in the 16th century on the quay in Conwy, Wales, at the base of Conwy Castle. The minuscule cottage has a floor area of 10′ x 5’9″ and remained a residential home until 1900 when the tenant, a 6-foot-3-inch fisherman named Robert Jones was forced to move out by the council after calling it home for 15 years.



 They deemed that the rooms were too small for Jones to stand up in fully, and they declared the Quay House unfit for human habitation.

Per Wikipedia, “The house is owned by the landlords descendants, the landlord being a man also named Robert Jones, having been passed to female relatives since Robert’s sons showed a lack of interest in the business.”



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